Goro was founded in 1919 by Gorosaburo Ohara in the city of Nagoya, Japan. The company is best noted for its higher-good quality gold and silver jewelry. Gorosaburo Ohara came into this world in 1892 in the small town of Shiojiri from the Nagano Prefecture. He was the 4th child of your poor farmer. As he was 14 years of age, he goros remaining the location of search for his fortune within the city of Nagoya. He identified work inside a pawnshop, and then became a goldsmith. In 1919, he opened his very own jewellery shop, Goro.

Goro quickly became renowned for its great-good quality silver and gold precious jewelry. The company’s patterns were influenced by standard Japanese and Chinese art work. Within the 1930s, Goro begun to generate Art work Deco jewelry. The company’s jewelry was showcased in periodicals and magazines, and was donned by celebs. Within the 1940s, Goro’s expensive jewelry was presented from the American film noir vintage The Maltese Falcon.

Goro’s jewelry continues to be manufactured by hands, using conventional methods. The company’s gold and silver jewelry comes in stores around the world. Goro’s jewellery is acknowledged for its quality, design, and sweetness.

The business is already manage with the third technology in the Ohara family. Goro’s expensive jewelry continues to be produced by hands, employing conventional methods. The company’s gold and silver expensive jewelry comes in shops all over the world but you may also buy Goros online. Goro’s jewelry is known for its top quality, quality, and sweetness.

Goro’s jewellery can be a sign of Japanese craftsmanship and tradition. The company’s precious jewelry is used by celebrities and every day men and women likewise. Goro’s precious jewelry is an important part of Japan’s societal legacy.