Finding Parallels Between Messages and Life

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Understanding Business Texting Etiquette.

Gone are the days when people had the option of either the telephone or the fax machine in relying business information because now there are smartphones. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pass on business plans, ideas or even suggestions but you also need to consider the investors and clients. Sending text messages is preferable among business people given that there will be records to go back to but it should not be done without consideration of the other party. One of the first things you ought to remember is to not text your clients, partners and even associated without getting their permission first. If you have anything to communicate, you have 8 working hours to do so. Texting outside of those hours is not advisable. Make sure you write every word in full unless it is a known abbreviation of acronyms. It is not even about the message but respecting the other party enough to make an effort on professionalism.

If the matter you want to communicate is lengthy or of great importance, business texting is not the best means of communication. Picking the phone to hold a conversation with the other person or emailing them comes first. You might be tempted to send mass texts when you do not have the time. Nonetheless, this is not just about you but the rest of the participants. Mass texting should be an option when the recipients are all on board with the idea. It i not a good sign to be in meeting and business texting no matter how it will serve you because it is a clear indicator you do not respect the others. In addition, bad news are not to be relayed via business texting.

It is not wise to tell your associates or team about a change in place of a meeting, the time or even date of an event. Do not count on everyone checking their texts. If you receive a business text, make a point of replying immediately to avoid forgetfulness. Also, decide on just one mode of communication. If you want to destroy your name in business try business stalking. There is no need of making phone calls, sending text messages and emails on the same matter all at once. Trust that the other party will call the moment they get the message and if not find another way of getting a response without being a bother. Even if the people around you have no respect to business texting, you should not think that it is okay for you to do the same.

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